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D.W. Griffith: The Father of Film (1993)

US 166m, Colour / B&W
Directors: David Gill, Kevin Brownlow: Cast: D.W. Griffith; Lindsay Anderson

dw-griffithIn this illuminating three-part documentary, the life and art of D.W. Griffith is assiduously explored from his earliest work at Biograph Studios, through his monumental productions  which earned him the title of The Father of Film, and finally, his later years, when his work fell out of favour.  Despite the controversial legacy surrounding The Birth of a Nation (1915), Gill and Brownlow tell the surprisingly sad story of one of the most influential film-makers who ever lived. A detailed and comprehensive look at Griffith’s numerous achievements, “The Father of Film” is also notable for the insightful accounts of some of Griffith’s biggest stars, including Lillian Gish and Blanche Sweet who remained loyal to their mentor years after his death (Klaus Ming March 2014).


4 comments on “D.W. Griffith: The Father of Film (1993)

  1. TSorensen

    I want to see this one!

    • Klaus

      An excellent documentary, well worth a look.

  2. Chris, a librarian

    Sounds like one to watch. You can’t deny Griffith’s importance.

    • Klaus

      I definitely have a new appreciation for Griffith’s life’s work after seeing this.

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