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Bob le Flambeur (1955)

France 102m, B&W
Director: Jean-Pierre Melville; Cast: Roger Duchesne, Isabelle Corey, Daniel Cauchy, Guy Decomble, André Garet

Ebob_the_gamblermploying modern looking handheld camera movements and jump cuts which foreshadow the French New Wave, Bob the Gambler is a gangster film noir about a suave, but aging ex-con who has “gone straight”. A gambling addict, with a turn of bad luck, Bob plots one last heist, a robbery of a casino. An influential film, and the basis for two versions of Ocean’s Eleven (1960 and 2001), Bob le Flambeur was also remade as The Good Thief in 2002. A witty and charming anti-hero, Bob’s luck seems to run out when the heist goes bad, though hedging his bets, anything seems possible when he’s on a winning streak (Klaus Ming august 2014).


One comment on “Bob le Flambeur (1955)

  1. nicolaskrizan

    This reminds me I have to watch both Ocean’s Elevens and The good thief – if only for comparison!

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