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if…. (1968)

UK 111m, Colour, B&W
Director: Lindsay Anderson; Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Richard Warwick, Christine Noonan, David Wood, Robert Swann, Peter Jeffrey

ifA black satirical drama about a traditional British boarding school set in the late 1960s, if…. is reminiscent of Vigo’s Zéro de Conduite (1933). Presented in both colour and black and white, this is a sometimes surreal and often brutal portrayal of outdated hierarchical British values juxtaposed against the growing counterculture of the period. Led by a rebellious older student played by Malcolm McDowell, the student’s violent revolt provided a shocking message to the establishment which is no less controversial today (Klaus Ming November 2014).


2 comments on “if…. (1968)

  1. nicolaskrizan

    I am irritated by the four dots in the title, is that another intentional provocation from the filmmakers?

    • Klaus

      ha, ha…yeah, I think it is! 😉

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