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Fading Gigolo (2013)

US 90m, Colour
Director: John Turturro; Cast: John Turturro, Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Sofia Vergara, Vanessa Paradis, Liev Schreiber

fading-gigoloAn aged businessman closes his family bookshop only to find that his next best money-making opportunity is as a pimp for his friend and former employee. Finding themselves involved in the high-priced gigolo trade, business is great until a jealous member of a Jewish neighbourhood watch group discovers that the widow of a deceased rabbi is one of their customers. As the basis for a sincere love story, Fading Gigolo is a silly and entertaining film that never takes itself too seriously, which is how best to enjoy it (Klaus Ming January 2015).


One comment on “Fading Gigolo (2013)

  1. CMrok93

    Good review Klaus. Woody Allen is charming, but everything else about this is a bit boring and stale.

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