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251 More films…

MovieReelHaving just finished watching The Wrong Man (1956) my 750th film from the 1001 list on a snowy winter night with chicken wings, beer and the missus, I looked back at my last update from the summer of 2013, when at 600 reviews I noted that I wasn’t looking forward to films that I had purposely avoided, and that I hoped that there would be a few pleasant surprises left on the list. Though I’ll never get back the hours I spent On the Town (1949) or watching Heaven and Earth Magic (1962) or The Paleface (1948), I’ve had a few unexpected surprises including Secrets and Lies (1996), The Big Carnival (1951) and The Butcher Boy (1997). Over the next stretch, I am still holding out hope, as there are a good number of foreign films that I am not at all familiar with, and as I still ponder West Side Story and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I’m not sure which will be the most terrifying experience (Klaus Ming January 2015).


5 comments on “251 More films…

  1. SJHoneywell

    West Side Story isn’t that bad. The music is good, at least, and so is the dancing. If The Texas Chainsaw Massacre really worries you, watch during the day. It’s a disturbing film, but there are worse on the list.

    • Klaus

      Just having fun at the expense of both films, i’m sure i’ve already watched worse musicals and more disturbing films than these two. The big question, is what will I save from the list for my last film?

  2. Chris, a librarian

    You are a little ahead of me. Are you doing all the films from all the editions?Have you seen Salo yet? If not, brace yourself for that one.

    • Klaus

      @ Chris, yes, I have seen it. It took me a couple attempts before I could sit through Salo in its entirety. I get why critics have chosen these kinds of films, but truthfully would rather not have seen them.

      Sat through TCM this evening. Saw it in a second run theater during the early 80s and hated it then, and still immensely dislike it – and pretty much the entire genre.

  3. Klaus

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