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Le Salaire de la Peur (1953)

France/Italy 147m, B&W
Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot; Cast: Yves Montand, Charles Vanel, Peter van Eyck, Folco Lulli

Wages_of_FearWages of Fear is a slow building suspenseful thriller that opens as a day in the lives of the impoverished citizens of Las Piedras, a small isolated Latin American village that is essentially owned by an American oil company. Filled with locals as well as European expatriates, Las Piedras is a place that no one really wants to be. Faced with an oil well burning out of control, the company hires four non-union men at $2000 apiece to deliver two trucks loaded with nitroglycerine to the well fire 300 miles away. Following their harrowing journey, we wait for a catastrophe that seems almost certain in this stark and brutal drama that also serves as commentary on Capitalism, greed and American exploitation of developing nations (Klaus Ming January 2015).


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