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Gabbeh (1996)

Iran/France 75m, Colour
Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf; Cast: Shaghayeh Djodat, Hossein Moharami, Rogheih Moharami, Abbas Sayah, Parvaneh Ghalandari

gabbehThe film Gabbeh describes the joys and sorrows of a woman living among a nomadic tribe from south-east Iran. Gabbeh is also the name given to hand-woven rugs made by the women of these tribes in which their stories are woven. As the film begins, a young woman springs to life from an old gabbeh which is being washed by an elderly couple. Her narrative is one of a desire for love and marriage, but which is thwarted by the men of her family in her patriarchal society. In presenting her story, Makhmalbaf employs vibrant colours, images and metaphors to depict traditional events among her people. A blend of ethnography, documentary and fantasy, Gabbeh the film, is a playful, fascinating and a visual spectacle (Klaus Ming January 2015).


One comment on “Gabbeh (1996)

  1. Klaus

    Discovering films like this is why i’m making my way through the 1001 list.

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