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Wavelength (1967)

Canada 45m, Colour
Director: Michael Snow; Cast: Hollis Frampton, Roswell Rudd, Amy Taubin, Joyce Wieland, Amy Yadrin

wavelengthWavelength is filmed with a stationary camera which is aimed at a mostly empty room. The room is windowed and faces a busy street. A few people occasionally enter and leave this room. For the first eight minutes or so, this wide shot is accompanied by a variety of street noises and a Beatles song. This eventually gives way to an increasingly annoying high-pitched whine during which there are numerous lighting and film changes, all while the camera zooms ever closer. Though doing little for me, Wavelength did gain and hold the attention of our cat, who seemed utterly hypnotized by the audible tone at the ten minute mark. Unfortunately she declined to comment and fell asleep shortly thereafter (Klaus Ming January 2015).


2 comments on “Wavelength (1967)

  1. Romy Sommer

    I laughed out loud reading this review. This might just be one of your best!

    • Klaus

      Thanks Romy! When movies this strange come along, it’s hard to resist the urge to have some fun with them.

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