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2015 Oscar Nominations

oscar2015Tried and tested, planetary configurations will once again be studied and promptly disregarded in favour of hunches and wild guesswork as The Academy honors movies released in 2014. I’ll be posting related reviews and my picks over up until broadcast time, and depending on the internet connection, Twitter comments at: MiNG Movie Reviews

Check back to this post periodically for updates, and feel free to post any criticisms, or your own picks.

The 2015 Academy Awards airs Sunday, February 22, 2015 (Klaus Ming January 2015).


THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING (Stellar performances by both Jones and Redmayne, but not much of a story)
WHIPLASH (Liked this one a lot more than I though I would)
AMERICAN SNIPER (A difficult and disturbing film that has wide appeal that is a strong contender)
BIRDMAN (An engaging original film that deserves a second look) – WON (0/1)
BOYHOOD (Really? – will probably win everything, predicted to win)
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (One of my my favourites, but highly unlikely to win)
THE IMITATION GAME (Should win, but probably will lose to the Boyhood)
SELMA (An underwhelming drama that should have been a whole lot more)

STEVE CARELL – Foxcatcher (An interesting performance, and creepy as hell)
BRADLEY COOPER – American Sniper (A strong and complex performance about a simple guy)
BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH – The Imitation Game (Beautifully portrayed, a close second place)
MICHAEL KEATON – Birdman (Best role and performance for Keaton in many years)
EDDIE REDMAYNE – The Theory of Everything (My choice, and predicted to win) WON (1/2)

ROBERT DUVALL – The Judge (Very strong performance in a so-so film and predicted to win)
ETHAN HAWKE – Boyhood (He’s about the only good thing in this movie)
EDWARD NORTON – Birdman (A memorable performance as a crazed Broadway actor)
MARK RUFFALO – Foxcatcher (A believable performance in an unusual role)
J.K. SIMMONS – Whiplash (He’s so unlikable, my favourite performance, but will lose to Duvall) – WON (1/3)

MARION COTILLARD – Two Days, One Night (good performance in a simple, but powerful film)
FELICITY JONES – The Theory of Everything (A very moving performance)
JULIANNE MOORE – Still Alice (Moving performance in a predictable film) – WON (1/4)
ROSAMUND PIKE – Gone Girl (One scary character!, predicted to win)
REESE WITHERSPOON – Wild (An average performance in a questionable movie)

PATRICIA ARQUETTE – Boyhood (not nearly the best, but predicted to win) – WON (2/5)
LAURA DERN – Wild (not much of a role, shouldn’t be a threat)
KEIRA KNIGHTLEY – The Imitation Game (A strong female character in a male dominated cast, and my favourite)
EMMA STONE – Birdman (hard to get noticed between Keaton and Norton)
MERYL STREEP – Into the Woods (A horrible film and an average performance)

BIRDMAN – Emmanuel Lubezki (hands down the best looking film, and predicted to win) – WON (3/6)
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL – Robert Yeoman (A pretty picture)
IDA – Łukasz Żal and Ryszard Lenczewski (Beautifully austere B&W)
TURNER – Dick Pope
UNBROKEN – Roger Deakins

THE IMITATION GAME – Morten Tyldum (The best, but probably will lose to the 12 year gimmick)
BIRDMAN – Alejandro G. Iñárritu (Another contender) – WON  3/7
BOYHOOD – Richard Linklater (Predicted to win – did you know it took 12 years to make? 😉 )
FOXCATCHER – Bennett Miller (Spent far too much time with Mark and not enough with David)
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL – Wes Anderson (one of his best, but unlikely to win)

AMERICAN SNIPER – Joel Cox and Gary D. Roach
BOYHOOD – Sandra Adair
THE IMITATION GAME – William Goldenberg (superbly interwoven story lines, and predicted to win)
WHIPLASH – Tom Cross – WON 3/8

BIRDMAN – Alejandro G. Iñárritu, et al, (My favourite until I saw Nightcrawler, but predicted to win) – WON 4/9
BOYHOOD – Richard Linklater (script? what script? Shouldn’t have been nominated)
FOXCATCHER – E. Max Frye and Dan Futterman (Wasn’t this adapted from Mark’s story?)
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL – Wes Anderson; Wes Anderson & Hugo Guinness (fun and quirky)
NIGHTCRAWLER – Dan Gilroy – (easily the best of 2014, my favourite movie)

AMERICAN SNIPER – Jason Hall (leaves out some important parts of Kyle’s story)
THE IMITATION GAME – Graham Moore (an intricate superbly written story and my front runner) – WON 4/10
INHERENT VICE – Paul Thomas Anderson (no small feat considering the source material, and predicted to win)
THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING – Anthony McCarten (A simple story well told, but not extraordinary)
WHIPLASH – Damien Chazelle (a lot of story from a simple premise)


13 comments on “2015 Oscar Nominations

  1. Anthony Lee Collins

    I think you may be right about PTA getting a nom for writing Inherent Vice, but I hope you’re wrong. The screenplay was, by far, the weak link (terrific cast, strong direction, very good decisions in terms of costumes, set design, and so on — I don’t remember the music, so it was probably good). But the screenplay was misguided in about three different directions.

    • Klaus

      ALC – wondering if you had access to a time machine, as I have yet to post any of my picks 🙂

      I’m planning an Oscar Movie Weekend, and will begin posting my picks on Monday.

      • Anthony Lee Collins

        Well, I have seen very few of the movies, but I’ve seen Inherent Vice (twice), and I have some strong opinions about it, as you could probably tell. I’m kind of a Pynchon obsessive (someone on another blog asked me a simple question about whether he should read Mason & Dixon and I just wrote an entire blog post in response). I think there’s another blog post coming about the three different ways the screenplay went wrong.

        I look forward to reading your picks.

  2. Klaus

    So far, I’m thinking The Imitation Game leads the pack. I’m looking with much interest to seeing Inherent Vice – hopefully this evening.

  3. Klaus

    With only one film to go in the Best Picture category, I’m still thinking that The Imitation Game is the film to beat, and Eddie Redmayne has a lock on Best Actor.

  4. Anthony Lee Collins

    Meryl Streep: “A horrible film and an average performance”

    I think there’s some sort of computer program that just automatically nominates her for things. I remember a couple of years ago a critic asked why she was nominated for Best Actress (I don’t think it was the Oscars — some other award) for another average performance in a bad movie, instead of Kara Hayward, who was so great in Moonrise Kingdom.

    I’m rooting for Redmayne to win — not because I’ve seen the movie, but because I thought he was terrific in Les Miserables and mostly nobody noticed because they were busy looking at the movie stars at the top of the bill, rather than the less-famous people doing some of the best work in the picture (Redmayne, Barks, Tveit).

    I don’t imagine he gets to sing a lot in this one, though.

    • Klaus

      Heh heh, yea it’s got to be something like that 😉 From what was nominated, I think Redmayne will win – at lest I hope he does.

  5. Klaus

    I just finished watching Nightcrawler. I don’t know what the Academy has against Dan Gilroy and Jake Gyllenhaal, but they should have gotten best director and best actor nominations – and Nightcrawler a Best Motion Picture nod.

  6. Klaus

    Gone Girl up next – another 2+ hour movie, What gives in 2014? More is not necessarily better.

  7. Klaus

    At 40%, Not the worst year for Klaustradamus, but darn near! Though happy to see that my picks for Boyhood did not materialize. Next year i’m going to pick what should win, not what I think the academy will pick 🙂

  8. Anthony Lee Collins

    Well, I’m happy. Redmayne won, Anderson lost, and I really do need to see Birdman! 🙂

    • Klaus

      Yeah, i wasn’t unhappy with the results, though considering the hype that Boyhood was getting, i was surprised that it was nearly shut out.

      Birdman is a pretty entertaining movie, and while i thought that Redmayne’s performance was probably the best, it would have been nice to see Keaton win.

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