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Six Year Update

I began this movie watching project in November 2008, a little over six years ago. Since that time, I have watched and reviewed approximately 1500 films, about half of those from the 1001 List. The rate at which I have watched thee films has varied pretty dramatically year by year, with a low of 145 posts in 2014, to a high of 327 in 2011. At his rate, Averaging about 250 per year, I should expect to complete the 1001 list by the end of 2017, and will have watched approximately double that number of films.


Starting off 2015, however, I have renewed my movie viewing habits with new vigor, and will attempt to complete the 1001 list by the end of 2015 by introducing a series of new challenges, that begin today!

30 & 30 Challenge

Beginning today I am participating in our local Moksha (Hot) yoga studio’s 30 Day Challenge, which I will also apply to my movie reviews. So for the next 30 days, I will attempt to watch 30 movies and attend 30 practices!



3 comments on “Six Year Update

  1. Romy Sommer

    Good luck with he 30 day challenge!

    • Klaus

      Thanks Romy! I sure that the 30 movie part of this challenge will be the easier of the two.

  2. Klaus

    Happy to say that I was successful in completing both my Yoga and movie challenge this evening 🙂

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