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100 Top Search Terms


Search terms processed through Wordle that have brought you to Ming Movie Reviews in about 100 words or less since November 2008. Special thanks to 7 Lucky Ninja Kids, Zardoz, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Children of the Corn, Batman, Neds and everyone named John! (Klaus Ming February 2015).


3 comments on “100 Top Search Terms

  1. Anthony Lee Collins

    It’s fun to try to read contiguous words as phrases. Like movie mashups.

    Jabberwocky Bastards

    Ninja Sexy Christina

    Poltergeist Party

    (In fact, I think the last two might have potential… 🙂 )

    • Klaus

      Ha, ha, love it! I hadn’t looked at it that way! Poltergeist Party is awesome! I also like “Vampire Jack” and “Chevy Joe” and “Horror Vacation” 🙂

  2. Klaus

    ..and I just saw “Corn Birds”

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