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Katharine Hepburn (1907 – 2003)

Born: Katharine Houghton Hepburn
May 12, 1907

katherinehepburnKatharine Hepburn was a versatile leading lady who was nominated for twelve Academy Awards, and winning four for Best Actress in Morning Glory (1934), Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1968), The Lion in Winter (1969) and On Golden Pond (1982). Known for her fiery personality, Hepburn was an outspoken and independent actress who pushed the boundaries from within the Hollywood studio system. Appearing in over forty feature films, four movies, for which she did not win an Oscar, are on the 1001 list, including Bringing Up Baby (1938), The Philadelphia Story (1940), Adam’s Rib (1949) and The African Queen (1951).


3 comments on “Katharine Hepburn (1907 – 2003)

  1. Anthony Lee Collins

    I used to follow a band, decades ago, called Orchestra Luna, and they had one song called “Dear Kate.” It was basically a love letter to Katharine Hepburn, from the point of view of a woman who had seen Hepburn as a tremendous role model growing up. And a lot of women felt that way, that’s for sure. I don’t think Hepburn’s last name was even mentioned in the song — it was so obvious who “Kate” was.

    Have I told the story about Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? I started to write it, but then I thought, “Hey, I’ve told that story here before.”

    • Klaus

      You did 🙂

      “My favorite story about Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner is that they were trying to get Tracy do it, but he didn’t want to because of his health. Hepburn thought it would be good for him, though, so she told him, “Spencer,” (you should imagine this in her voice, “you should do this. It will be wonderful, and I will play your wife.”

      A part which had not been offered to her, but Tracy agreed on that basis, so that’s what happened”.

      • Anthony Lee Collins

        Still a great story, but I am glad I didn’t tell it twice. 🙂

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