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Hable con Ella (2002)

Spain 112m, Colour
Director: Pedro Almodóvar; Cast: Javier Cámara, Darío Grandinetti, Leonor Watling, Geraldine Chaplin, Rosario Flores

talktoherTalk to Her is an unusual and beautifully crafted film about loneliness, love, obsession and the friendship of two men who are brought together by their love of two women who are in comas. Benigno is a nurse who cares for Alicia, a young dancer who he had obsessed over before she was struck by a car. Marco is a journalist who loves Lydia, a female bullfighter who was gored and trampled by a bull. Together, they focus their attention on women who cannot return their devotion. The disturbing and controversial circumstances, which eventually preclude their relationships with each of the women, form the basis of the film’s tragic and surprisingly touching conclusion (Klaus Ming March 2015).


2 comments on “Hable con Ella (2002)

  1. Anthony Lee Collins

    My mother was a huge Almodóvar fan. I really liked this film when I saw it, but that didn’t lead to a more general enthusiasm.

    • Klaus

      It was an unusual film that takes the audience in unexpected and uncomfortable places.

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