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Napapiirin Sankarit (2010)

Finland 92m, Colour
Director: Dome Karukoski; Cast: Jussi Vatanen, Jasper Pääkkönen, Timo Lavikainen, Pamela Tola, Kari Ketonen, Miia Nuutila

LaplandOdysseyLapland Odyssey is an amusing romantic comedy about the misadventures of Janne, a layabout boyfriend who is given an ultimatum by his girlfriend Inari to produce a digital converter for their television, or he’s out of the house. Tasked with this seemingly simple request, Janne and his buddies set out on a two hundred plus kilometer winter road trip to the northern city of Rovaniemi to procure the elusive “Digibox”. Their bright yellow rally car driven odyssey is a farcical tangle of temptations which conspire against the successful completion of their quest and ultimately, Janne’s damaged relationship (Klaus Ming March 2015).


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