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Il Piccolo Garibaldino (1909)

Italy, 14m Silent, B&W/Tinted
Director: Unknown; Cast: Unknown

Il_piccolo_garibaldinoIl Piccolo Garibaldino is a short but sophisticated drama about a young boy who stows away aboard a ship of volunteer soldiers led by Giuseppe Garibaldi that traveled to Sicily in 1860 into a battle that would contribute toward Italy’s unification. Despite the static opening scene of actors milling about on a Victorian looking stage, the film quickly progresses to utilize outdoor on-location sets and replicates a large-scale and relatively realistic battle scene. As historical reenactment, Il Piccolo Garibaldino appears to be an early attempt to utilize early cinema as a tool of propaganda to help create a sense of national pride (Klaus Ming March 2015).

2 comments on “Il Piccolo Garibaldino (1909)

  1. Great write-up, I’m going to seek this one out!

    • Klaus

      Thanks, it was a surprisingly well made little film that is worth a look if you are into the history of early cinema.

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