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Fat City (1972)

US 100m, Colour
Director: John Huston; Cast: Stacy Keach, Jeff Bridges, Susan Tyrrell, Nicholas Colasanto

fatcityBased on the 1969 Leonard Gardner novel of the same name, Fat City is a depressingly realistic drama about the sport of professional boxing in Stockton California in the early 1970s. Billy Tully, the film’s protagonist is a broken fighter who insists that he can make a comeback with the “support” of girlfriend Oma, a colourful barfly, who is also past her prime. Ernie Munger is an up and coming fighter who is regarded by coach Ruben as a having the promise of a young Tully. Odds are, neither men will find success in a sport filled with disappointment and broken dreams (Klaus Ming March 2015).

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