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The Inside of the White Slave Traffic (1913)

US 28m, Silent, B&W
Director: Frank Beal; Cast: Virginia Mann, Edwin Carewe, Jean Thomas

white_slaveProduced by the Moral Feature Film Co., The Inside of the White Slave Traffic is a dramatized narrative about the means and methods of organized crime to procure “ruined” white women for prostitution across America. This early exploitation genre film is of note owing to its self-professed authenticity, which is left to little doubt as the amusingly lengthy opening title cards proudly proclaim: “The only authentic white slave picture ever made” and not only is it endorsed by a list of notable officials, but “every sociologist of note from the Atlantic to the Pacific”. Despite its somewhat dubious purpose, the film is surprisingly clinical, likely to the disappointment of those early patrons looking for more lascivious entertainment (Klaus Ming March 2015).


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