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Lucy (2014)

France 89m, Colour
Director: Luc Besson; Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Choi Min-sik, Amr Waked

lucy-2014Lucy is a science fiction action fantasy film about a woman who absorbs a large quantity of an experimental drug which gives her seemingly unlimited mental capabilities. While outrunning the mob and avoiding the police, Lucy must also figure out what to do with her last 24 hours as a human. Employing a highly entertaining plot device, albeit based on an incredibly far-fetched idea, Besson deftly combines pseudo-scientific explanations and philosophical musings about our current state of being and how our existence and knowledge is dependent on time (Klaus Ming March 2015).

4 comments on “Lucy (2014)

  1. Dan O.

    Good review Klaus. A lot of fun even though it was so incredibly crazy.

  2. Klaus

    Yeah, it was over the top kind of crazy, but a great bit of fun.

  3. Anthony Lee Collins

    I really liked this movie. A friend (a screenwriter) complained that there wasn’t enough tension because she was so powerful, but I wasn’t in it rooting for her. I don’t think you’re supposed to identify with her, given how she plays with such a lack of affect once the drugs kick in. I enjoyed it in a “where the heck is this movie going?” kind of way.

    I wrote about it on my blog:

    • Klaus

      i agree, i don’t think anyone was meant to worry about her character once she displayed her powers against the mob the first time. Aside from the action, the suspense was built around what secrets about the universe she would reveal.

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