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The Servant (1963)

UK 112m, B&W
Director: Joseph Losey; Cast: Dirk Bogarde, Sarah Miles, James Fox, Wendy Craig

Dirk Bogarde and James Fox in Joseph Losey’s THE SERVANT (1963). vA cryptic psychological drama, The Servant is a film adaptation of Robin Maugham’s 1948 novella of the same name about a young wealthy professional named Tony who is manipulated by his man-servant Barrett, which quite unexpectedly results in a reversal of their roles as master and servant. Strongly hinting at the intimacy of their relationship as the contributing factor in Barrett’s control over Tony, The Servant is a dark film about class standing and repressed British homosexuality in the 1960s (Klaus Ming March 2015).

4 comments on “The Servant (1963)

  1. nicolaskrizan

    I find this one rather brilliant!

    • Klaus

      I was a bit perplexed when i was watching it, and found the role reversal a bit of a stretch. Upon some contemplation, and looking at in historical context, it made a lot more sense.

  2. Joachim Boaz

    One of my all time favorite movies. I love almost everything about it.

    • Klaus

      The concept is really interesting, and the performances are strong, I just found the transition between the first and second half of the film to be a little rushed.

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