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Conte d’hiver (1992)

France 114m, Colour
Director: Éric Rohmer; Cast: Charlotte Véry, Frédéric van den Driessche, Michael Voletti, Hervé Furic, Ava Loraschi

A_Winter's_TaleInspired by Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale”, A Tale of Winter is a slow-paced melodramatic story of love, lost and found. Félicie meets and falls in love with Charles while on vacation, but they inadvertently lose track of one another, seemingly forever. In the subsequent months, then years, she gives birth to his child, and then holds out hope that one day they will find one another. During this time, Félicie has other relationships, and to the exasperation of the men who fall in love with her, she never fully returns their affections. As a tragic love story in the making, Conte d’hiver is eventually resolved as Félicie resurrects her meaningless existence and allows herself to find happiness with the only man she truly loves (Klaus Ming March 2015).


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