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Giv’a 24 Eina Ona (1955)

Israel 101m, B&W
Director: Thorold Dickinson; Cast: Edward Mulhare, Michael Wager, Margalit Oved, Arik Lavie, Michael Shillo, Haya Harareet, Eric Greene, Stanley Preston

hill24Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer is the first English-speaking feature film produced in Israel. Looking back at the lives of four soldiers who die defending a strategic position outside of Jerusalem in 1948, this is a story that unfolds through a series of flashbacks, which is not about their mission, but rather, about their motivations for fighting in Israel. Heavily narrated, with the feel of a documentary, this is a film that is intended to stir emotion and support for the new State of Israel. As a propaganda film, Hill 24 is an interesting historical curiosity, but one which suffers from its uneven treatment of the character’s back stories (Klaus Ming April 2015).


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