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Ride Lonesome (1959)

US 73m, Colour Director: Budd Boetticher; Cast: Randolph Scott, Karen Steele, Pernell Roberts, Lee Van Cleef, James Coburn Ben Brigade is a rugged bounty hunter who captures the outlaw Billy … Continue reading

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Bab el Hadid (1958)

Egypt 95m, B&W Director: Youssef Chahine; Cast: Farid Shawqi, Hind Rostom, Youssef Chahine, Hassan el Baroudi, Abdel Aziz Khalil, Naima Wasfy Bab el Hadid is the story of Qinawia, a … Continue reading

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Bobby Fischer Against the World (2011)

US 92m, Colour & BW Director: Liz Garbus; Cast: Bobby Fischer, Anthony Saidy, Larry Evans, Sam Sloan, Susan Polgar, Garry Kasparov, Asa Hoffmann, Friðrik Ólafsson, Lothar Schmid Bobby Fischer Against … Continue reading

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Atari: Game Over (2014)

US 66m, Colour Director: Zak Penn; Cast: Seamus Blackley, Nolan Bushnell, Ernest Cline, Manny Gerard, Mike Mika, Andrew Reinhard, Robert Rentschler, Paul Sanchez, Howard Scott Warshaw ET: the Extraterrestrial game … Continue reading

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