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Highlander (1986)

UK/US 110m, Colour
Director: Russell Mulcahy; Cast: Christopher Lambert, Roxanne Hart, Clancy Brown, Sean Connery

HighlanderHighlander is an action science fiction melodrama that interweaves the past and present through immortal characters who are inexplicably out to behead each other until there is only one. A successful movie and television franchise, Highlander is the story of Connor MacLeod, a 16thC Scottish warrior whose miraculous recovery, after being seriously wounded in battle, is taken as the work of the devil. In jumping back and forth in time, Highlander can play with any number of historic periods, which is perhaps the secret to its success, and is only surpassed by Doctor Who having that luxury. And though now badly dated by Queen’s soundtrack, and rudimentary special effects, Highlander is nevertheless a guilty pleasure, and a movie with a strong cult following (Klaus Ming May 2015).


3 comments on “Highlander (1986)

  1. garethrhodes

    Feels like a lifetime has passed since I last watched this. Must give it another go sometime soon. The Highlander universe became a less and less inviting place to visit with all the substandard sequels and TV spin-offs.

    • Klaus

      I didn’t really care for the movie sequels, but somehow got sucked in to the television series with Adrian Paul.

  2. TSorensen

    I loved Highlander back in its day and I saw it countless times. The story makes little sense, but that is okay. The problem with the sequels was that they tried to make the universe make sense with some elaborate and totally obscure explanations. For me that made the franchise fall flat. Had it stayed with the original it would have remained a favorite of mine.

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