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LFO (2013)

Sweden/Denmark 94m, Colour
Director: Antonio Tublén; Cast: Patrik Karlson, Izabella Jo Tschig, Per Löfberg, Ahnna Rasch, Lukas Loughran, Erik Börén, Björn Löfberg Egner

LFOA small film with grandiose ideas, LFO is a clever science fiction black comedy about Robert Nord, a disgruntled and lonely man who has discovered that certain low-frequency oscillations are capable of hypnotizing anyone who hear them. As a suburban mad scientist, Robert experiments on his neighbours, who eventually become slaves to his every desire, though he soon finds that the consequences are increasingly difficult to manage. Furthering attempts to use his device for personal gain, Robert envisions a utopian society at which he might be its leader, and perhaps even more (Klaus Ming June 2015).


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