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Night and Fog (1955)

France 32m, Colour/B&W
Director: Alain Resnais; Narrator: Michel Bouquet

nightandfogNight and Fog is an intensely graphic short film about Nazi concentration camps which juxtaposes modern footage from Auschwitz and Majdanek against historic footage of their construction, use and abandonment. In attempting to describe the indescribable, the film initially lays out how the camps were born out of fascism. The photographic evidence of the events that follow scratch only the surface of crimes that were committed. Through its narration, the film makers astutely state that it is impossible to document on film after the fact the horrors of what took place, and in so doing, forces audiences to imagine what they could never fully comprehend. As a historical document, the film describes the importance of understanding what happened as a reminder to never let such inhumanity repeat itself, but soberly suggests that we are doomed to repeat these events once these memories fade from humanity’s consciousness (Klaus Ming June 2015).


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