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All That Jazz (1979)

US 123m, Colour
Director: Bob Fosse; Cast: Roy Scheider, Jessica Lange, Leland Palmer, Ann Reinking, Ben Vereen, John Lithgow

allthatjazzAll that Jazz is a sophisticated musical drama that was years ahead of its time. Based loosely on Fosse’s own life and experiences in show business, his protagonist is Joe Gideon, a workaholic who tries to fuel his busy career as a director, choreographer and dancer with drugs, alcohol and women. Much of the film is a conversation with a veiled woman in white – an angelic grim reaper aptly named Angelique. Filled with imaginative music and dance numbers, All that Jazz is the antithesis of a feel good musical, particularly as the film plays out in the hospital when reality and fantasy intertwine in a final performance played out in Gideon’s head (Klaus Ming June 2015).


3 comments on “All That Jazz (1979)

  1. SJHoneywell

    I’m a huge fan of this film. This is the way a musical should be done. It’s a fearless film, and one of my favorites of its decade.

  2. nicolaskrizan

    Brilliant – and I normally don’t even like musicals!

  3. Klaus

    Same here – still not a fan of this style of music, but as a film, was amazed with its daring originality.

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