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Gāāv (1968)

Iran 100m, B&W
Director: Dariush Mehrjui; Cast: Ezzatolah Entezami, Firouz Behjat-Mohamadi, Mahmoud Dowlatabadi, Parviz Fannizadeh, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Ali Nassirian, Ezatallah Ramezanifar, Esmat Safavi

gaavGāāv is an unusual psychological drama about the relationship between a man and his beloved possession, a cow. Living in a rural Iranian village, Hassan is a married man, but without children. To the villager’s dismay, an unexplained incident takes the life of the cow while Hassan is away. Though his friends attempt to soften the blow, Hassan’s reaction goes far beyond anything that might be imagined. A strange and visually striking film, The Cow is an exploration of traditional community relationships and social conventions which surround the issue of mental illness (Klaus Ming July 2015).

2 comments on “Gāāv (1968)

  1. nicolaskrizan

    »Unusual« and »strange« indeed! I found this one quite hard to appreciate, but there are some really strong moments among all the farfetchedness.

    • Klaus

      Yeah, I hear ya. With disbelief, my wife kept coming into the room to see what I was watching.

      I figure that I had trouble relating, as i’ve never owned a cow 😉

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