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You are Welcome (1952)

Canada 21m, Colour
Directed: Uncredited; Cast: Charles Mardel, Toni O’Leary, John Fisher

you are welcomeNarrated by the former CBC “roving” reporter John Fisher, You are Welcome is an amusing promotional film produced under the supervision of the Director of Tourist Development for Newfoundland. As a travelogue, hoping to kick-start a fledgling post-Confederation Tourism industry, the film features a talking sealskin suitcase named Sammy, who unexpectedly finds himself boarding a plane to St. John’s. A top-notch production in its day, Sammy’s holiday adventures include rounds of golf, tennis matches, a boil-up and cod jigging. Hilariously, in an effort to allay fears that Newfoundland was a “frozen wasteland with vast stretches of ice and barren trees” and that its “people continually bundled in furs to protect them from the biting winds”, we learn that the fur coats were not always necessary, and that, in fact it was a place with “modern swimming pools and splashing lovelies” (Klaus Ming October 2015).


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