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Viaggio in Italia (1954)

Italy 87m, B&W
Director: Roberto Rossellini; Cast: Ingrid Bergman, George Sanders

viaggio in ItaliaA romantic drama, Voyage in Italy is the story of a husband and wife who travel to Italy to sell an estate that they have inherited. Not long after arriving, their personal differences become magnified, leading them in opposite directions. Alex, who is immediately bored and easily annoyed, develops an eye for the local women, while Katherine, a romantic-at-heart, decides to take in the culture of the place. Aside from the story of the couple’s deteriorating relationship, Rossellini’s depiction of the beautiful Mediterranean landscapes, including footage of the ruins of Pompeii, are themselves worth a viewing of this most interesting film (Klaus Ming December 2015).

2 comments on “Viaggio in Italia (1954)

  1. TSorensen

    For me the attraction here is Bergman and Sanders.they are always good. Otherwise I found it a trifle boring.

    • Klaus

      I recently spent a couple of weeks in the region where this film was shot – so my eye was pretty much on the landscapes 🙂

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