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More Salacious Search Terms Revealed

annaBack in 2011, I posted my Top 10 Salacious Search Terms, an admittedly geeky pursuit which revealed that the vast majority of searches that resulted in MiNG Movie Reviews in about 100 words or less, came from simple movie titles, or actor’s names. Though its been about five years since that post, and many thousands of searches later, I still don’t have anything better than joem18b’s “is it comfortable to have sex in a escalade?” post. While I was hoping that: заводной апельсин was something interesting, alas, the Google translation is merely “A Clockwork Orange“.  I did discover 18 disappointed folks had been taken to my review of Frenzy (1972) when they searched “anna massey nude”, and disturbingly, two fans of a “naked ron howard” also were directed my way. And, while one brave soul was rewarded with “john waters pecker“, perhaps the most interesting discovery is that 414 history lovers have found their way here from their search of: “social effect of the oklahoma rush in 1893” — which now ranks 8th on my all list of search terms (Klaus Ming December 2015).


2 comments on “More Salacious Search Terms Revealed

  1. joem18b

    one i got today: “vegetable reality movie”

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