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Russian Ark (2002)

Russia/Germany/Canada/Finland 96m,, Colour
Director: Alexander Sokurov; Cast: Alexander Sokurov, Sergei Dontsov, Mariya Kuznetsova, Marksim Sergeyev, Anna Aleksakhina, Vladimir Baranov

russian-arkA dreamlike historical drama, Russian Ark was filmed as a single continuous shot throughout the Winter Palace of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. The film is narrated by a ghost and his companion, a 19th century French traveller, who both observe and interact with various folk from the city’s rich historical past. A stunning technical achievement, Russian Ark captures the performances of approximately 2,000 actors and three orchestras throughout the museum (Klaus Ming December 2015).



2 comments on “Russian Ark (2002)

  1. SJHoneywell

    Interesting for its technical details, but this isn’t one I’m itching to see again. Still, it’s a marvel for how it was filmed.

    • Klaus

      I had the good fortune of spending a few hours in the Hermitage in 1987. What a marvelous place – which made watching this film all that more interesting.

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