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Moving Pictures: For People of Superior Minds

MadMax-FuryRoadFrom the early trade magazines, it is apparent that technical advances in film quickly outpaced the quality of many film productions. In the industry’s efforts to make a quick buck, the production quality of many early films left much to be desired. Arguably, as audience’s expectations grew, so too did the desire for better films. However, not everyone believed that the average viewer was to be trusted. On this matter, the 1913 Moving Picture News, Vol. VIII, pp.14, stated that: “The person who applauds loudest at an entertainment is not necessarily the best judge of its merits, but applause is the only criterion the management has of the success of his offering”. “Unfortunately, few people of superior minds lean toward noise, and the manufacturer’s opinion is left to the mercy of those who do”. As the 2016 Academy Awards approach, it probably seems to many, that the “superior minds” are still at odds with the applauding rabble, though this year’s nomination of Mad Max – Fury Road (2015) seems finally to be bucking that trend (Klaus Ming January 2016).


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