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AFI American Screen Legends: Completed

American_Film_InstituteI first posted the American Film Institute’s Film Legends page in March of 2011. Today, almost five years later, I have finally completed the short biographical summaries for all 50 actors and actresses. By writing these short summaries about their contributions to film, I also had the opportunity to tally up the number of movies that they appeared in from the 1001 list. In summary, the male legends appeared in a total of 128 (13%) of the movies from the 1001 list. and of these, James Stewart appeared in the greatest number (13), followed by Cary Grant (10) and Henry Fonda (9). Female legends appeared in 75 (7%) of the movies from the 1001 list. Of these Ingrid Bergman and Lillian Gish topped their respective list with six appearances each, and a total of ten other actresses appeared in four films each (Klaus Ming January 2016).

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