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Moving Pictures: The Nuisance of Big Hats

bighatsHaving recently reviewed Her Crowning Glory (1911), and wondering what the title had to do with the comedy short that I had just finished watching, I came across a hilarious 1912 article in Vol VI, Number 22, p.12 of The Moving Picture News entitled “Big Hats a Nuisance” which declared that “A woman’s crowning glory is her hair” — which makes perfect sense now, as it was Flora Finch’s long hair that had attracted John Bunny’s attention. I also chuckled at this: “If there is anything that is more tantalizing to a man than a big hat it has not yet been discovered”, and though the hat styles of the day often required that “much false hair be used in the arrangement of the coiffure” that “any woman [who] has so little policy as to obstruct one’s view with her hat, instead of displaying her locks for the admiration of the sterner sex, deserves to have said to her, Ladies will and others must remove their hats” (Klaus Ming February 2016).


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