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Moving Pictures: Applaud with your Hands Only!

In preparing a recent Moving Pictures post on advertising in silent cinema, I came across these wonderful scanned images from the Library of Congress. The series of fourteen slides are from 1912, and were used in early theatres for a variety of purposes. While the reasons for these messages have changed, such as turning off your cell phone before the movie begins, the need to remind the audience not disturb the other patrons after 100+ years of movie going remains mind boggling. So the next time you are in the theatre, pay special attention to the rules, and remember, applaud with your hands only!

Hands Only

1. Seems discriminatory against arm-less patrons.

kindly remove your hat

2. Now that’s a BIG hat!

If Annoyed

3. I guess the definition of annoyed has changed since 1912.

more big hats

4. Those damn modern fashions!

no offense

5. And don’t mind the bird droppings

remain seated

6. Else we’ll tell the management!


7. And let us help you sell your horse

3 minutes

8. And don’t be late, or we’ll send the tiny watch lady after for you!

intermission cats

9. And to keep you amused, a picture of cats (even before the internet)


10. Another tiny woman, okay this is getting kinda creepy.

new song

11. I’m definitely coming back to hear what it is!

good night

12. That looks like a fire hazard if I ever saw one.

take your stuff

13. ‘Cause the lost and found ‘aint yet been invented.

be quiet

14. Could have used this one at The Rooms last time we were there!

11 comments on “Moving Pictures: Applaud with your Hands Only!

  1. TSorensen

    I love number 3. I have yet to see anybody getting tickled on the chin in the cinema.
    If you did that I am pretty sure you would get booted out in a hurry.

    • Klaus

      That is probably my favourite as well, though i’m fascinated by the big hat problem and the fact that this was an issue that was discussed in the theatre owner’s trade magazines 🙂

  2. Anthony Lee Collins

    Applaud with your hands only. If you stomp your feet, you might step on one of the tiny women. 🙂

    • Klaus

      heh, heh, I wish, I thought of that!

  3. Love this collection! They sure did seem to have a problem with big hats back in the day. Also those cats look too angry at each other to survive an intermission.

    • Klaus

      Me too! They are beautifully done as well. I’m going to see if I can find and advert for them in one of the early photoplay magazines.

  4. Quite missing here is the splendid hand colored colors these slides had that took the artwork to the next level of excellence. I wonder why these were not scanned in color.

    • Klaus

      I would love see to those!

  5. Daria

    The lady in Nos. 4, 8 and 13 is the same one. She must have been the exhibitor’s mother or wife!

    • Klaus

      🙂 Indeed, It would be interesting to know who these people were.

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