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In Search of Blind Joe Death: The Saga of John Fahey (2013)

US 57m, Colour, B&W
Director: James Cullingham; Cast: John Fahey, Melody Fahey, Chris Funk, Barney Hansen, Ayal Senior, Joe Bussard, Marc Minsker, Joey Burns, Li Robbins, Pete Townshend, Rob Bowman, Stefan Grossman

The Saga of John FaheyIn Search of Blind Joe Death is a documentary about the life and music of guitarist John Fahey, who was a critically acclaimed outsider in the musical world. Known for his self-taught “primitive” style of guitar playing, Fahey was heavily influenced by early American blues musicians. Portrayed as a self-destructive semi-reclusive musical pioneer, Fahey’s story is about how his music was his therapy, but ultimately was not enough to save him from himself (Klaus Ming March 2016).


2 comments on “In Search of Blind Joe Death: The Saga of John Fahey (2013)

  1. Ruth

    In case you missed it, wanted to make sure you knew that Mei Ren Yu (The Mermaid) is playing at Mount Pearl Square. Wonderful special effects. And super to see the highest grossing movie in China here,in Mandarin, with an almost exclusively Chinese audience. Gratuitous violence a given.


    • Klaus

      Thanks Ruth! I hadn’t seen it advertised. I will definitely go see it this weekend.

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