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Last Days in Vietnam (2014)

US 98m, Colour, B&W
Director: Rory Kennedy; Cast: Stuart Herrington, Juan Armando Valdez, Kiem Do, Frank Snepp, Henry Kissinger, Dam Pham, Richard Armitage, Pete McCloskey, Miki Nguyen, Paul Jacobs, Jim Laurie

Last Days in VietnamNominated for an Oscar as Best Documentary Feature in 2015, the Last Days of Vietnam is a tightly focused human drama which deals with the terrible moral dilemma which faced the few who decided who would be evacuated from Saigon. Providing just enough information to set the events in context for those who do not remember the war, Kennedy focused the film on a handful of individuals whose actions during the final days and hours saved countless lives. In combining some astonishing footage of the airlift and sea rescue operations with narration by some of the very people involved, the Last Days in Vietnam becomes much more than a statement of the facts, but rather, a highly emotional personal story (Klaus Ming March 2016).


2 comments on “Last Days in Vietnam (2014)

  1. archfriar

    I saw this. It’s a great documentary that goes past the rhetoric and posturing we’ve all seen too much of.

    • Klaus

      That’s for sure! There was a lot more to this than I had originally expected.

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