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The Wolfpack (2015)

US 90m, Colour
Director: Crystal Moselle; Cast: The Angulo family

The WolfpackThe Wolfpack is a compelling documentary about the Angulo family, and their seven remarkable children who were effectively confined in their Lower East Side apartment in New York City by their controlling father and their fearful mother. Learning much about the world through their favourite movies, the children’s lives changed forever when Mukunda ventured outside wearing a disguise. Their unlikely story is testament to the children’s unexpected maturity and self-awareness. A stunning film, in which we wait for imminent disaster, the unlikely positive outcomes beg for a follow-up film (Klaus Ming April 2016).


2 comments on “The Wolfpack (2015)

  1. Paragraph Film Reviews

    I really like the look of this but I get the feeling that it’s deliberately playing to cinephiles. It’s also not dropped much in price since being released 😦

    • Klaus

      It is definitely playing to the cinephiles, and rightly so. From what is presented, the brothers are huge film fans and very knowledgeable.

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