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100 Favourites: in about 1000 words or less

100 FavouritesI will soon be revisiting a number of films in a new feature entitled: 100 Favourites. My intention is to re-watch my Top 100 list, and provide a critical synopsis of each film in about 1000 words or less. I have decided to begin with Robert Wiene’s classic psychological horror film: Das Kabinett Des Doktor Caligari (1919). These longer essays will provide a more complete description of the film, and will attempt to place them in some historical context, as well as describe why they have found a place among my 100 favourite films. In keeping with my original intention for this blog, I’m doing this to further my own knowledge about film, to better acquaint myself with my favourite films, and simply because I think it will be a lot of fun (Klaus Ming April 2016).


3 comments on “100 Favourites: in about 1000 words or less

  1. Klaus

    One done, 99 to go 🙂

  2. Thomas Sorensen

    That is an excellent idea. I have been wanting to read your take on movies in more detail for some time. 100 words is only really enough to say whether you liked the movie or not. Good luck on the project.

    • Klaus

      I’m really looking forward to the exercise. I suspect that it will also help me better understand what I say I like these films 🙂

      Initially, I really wasn’t so interested in dissecting the 1001 movies, and the blog (which began as more or less the list) has evolved into something a whole lot more than I thought it would.

      Thanks for continuing to follow along and comment. I hope you enjoy my longer write-ups!

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