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The Final 101

film-101I began this film journey in October 2008, with the goal of writing a one hundred word summary for each film, including a few words on what I thought of the film. With no time frame in mind, I am neither surprised or disappointed that it has taken over eight years to get to this point. Based on my progress to date, I fully expect to complete the list of 1001 films this calendar year. There have been many pleasant surprises along the way, and undoubtedly a few left in the home stretch. Likewise there are a good number of films that I will certainly not watch again, but unfortunately will remember. For some time now, I have also wondered which film I’ll watch last, however, with so few films to choose from, it seems rather pointless at this juncture. When choosing a film to watch, I currently base my decision on my available time, the film’s running time, followed by the genre. As this will be my last progress update until I finish the list, I’ll see you around October 2016 for the final review (Klaus Ming April 2016).


10 comments on “The Final 101

  1. Chip Lary

    Congrats on entering the home stretch.

    • Klaus

      Thanks, it’s a good feeling 🙂

  2. Thomas Sorensen

    I hope you have saved some good stuff for the end. Otherwise this could be a difficult time coming up.

    • Klaus

      ha, ha, I watched most of the good stuff long ago. Still I am pleasantly surprised from time to time, by films i’ve not yet seen. I expect that this last 100 will be pretty easy (with the end in sight).

      though, when I get discouraged, I go off-list for a bit :).

  3. This is a massive achievement! Congrats on getting to the home stretch!

    • Klaus

      Thanks Anna! I usually slow up during the summer months, but I think I suspect that i’ll push on to finish up sooner than later 🙂

  4. Chris, a librarian

    I started about a year after you, but I’m lagging a little behind you. Are you watching all the films including the ones in all editions? Anyway, nice going!

    • Klaus

      Thanks Chris, I will eventually get around to watching the additions to the list. I have recently updated the 1001 list to last year’s edition, and will probably continue to do so as long as new editions are published. For now, my 1001 “list” is the 2008 version.

  5. Anthony Lee Collins

    Congratulations. The achievement isn’t really the list, though, it’s that you usually have something pretty interesting to say.

    For example, I’m enjoying your reviews of silent films — which I don’t know a lot about.

    • Klaus

      Thanks Anthony, much appreciated. For me, the biggest challenge in the 1001 write-ups is trying to avoid a cookie cutter approach. In limiting myself to so few words, I often feel that I have run out of things to say about some films that I already haven’t said dozens of times before.

      I’m glad your enjoying the silent film write-ups – this is definitely something that I had no intention of doing when I started. I’ve come to enjoy the early film history in ways I hadn’t imagined.

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