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Shooting Stars (1928)

UK 80m, B&W, silent
Director: A.V. Bramble, Anthony Asquith; Cast: Annette Benson, Brian Aherne, Wally Patch

shooting_starsA huge oversight on the 1001 list, Shooting Stars pulls back the curtain and reveals the magic of movies in this fictional behind-the-scenes dark comedic melodrama about love, betrayal and the film industry. As satire, this is both a brilliant send up of silent film on the eve of the talkies, and a commentary on motion picture star scandals. Accomplishing everything that Hazanavicius recreated in The Artist (2011) and more, Shooting Stars is an incredibly sophisticated and dazzling self reflective film that was decades ahead of its time (Klaus Ming April 2016).

One comment on “Shooting Stars (1928)

  1. Klaus

    Wow! I’d not heard of this film until very recently, and I’m now thinking that it is perhaps the greatest silent film ever made.

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