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Prima della rivoluzione (1964)

Italy 115m, B&W
Director: Bernardo Bertolucci; Cast: Adriana Asti, Francesco Barill, Allen Midgette, MorandoMorandini, Cristina Pariset

Prima della rivoluzione (1964)Before the Revolution is a drama about Fabrizio, a handsome and politically outspoken student who loses his way after the death of his close friend Agostino. Dejected, he finds himself in an affair with his seductive and slightly unhinged aunt Gina, and together they drift haphazardly throughout much of the film meeting old friends, discussing politics and film. Though Fabrizio eventually shakes his melancholy feelings, Bertolucci seems more interested in moving the camera in unorthodox ways, than telling a coherent story (Klaus Ming May 2016).

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