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Inserts (1975)

UK 117m, Colour/B&W
Director: John Byrum; Cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Jessica Harper, Bob Hoskins, Veronica Cartwright

InsertsInserts is a little-known film about a washed-up silent film director who has a “six-picture deal” to make stag films for a bootlegger. Set almost entirely in the home of the “Boy Wonder”, this is a dark quirky melodrama that has stage-like qualities. With playful references to early cinema, Inserts is full of insightful nostalgia, but without the sentimentality of other films about this era in Hollywood. Although it was rated X for its nudity and coarse language, which probably accounts for its anonymity, Inserts is a little gem of a film that was decades ahead of its time (Klaus Ming July 2016).

2 comments on “Inserts (1975)

  1. chris, a librarian

    Interesting that you chose this particular film because I was just thinking about it going through some 1975 movies lists. I saw this at a double feature a few years after it came out (I can’t recall the other movie, maybe The Story of O?). Inserts might be one for a revisit.

    • Klaus

      I’d not seen it, and happened across it by accident. As a silent film fan, it went to the top of my list to watch. Definitely worth a look. It’s funny that this was rated X in ’75 – as it wouldn’t be out of place as an HBO “television” show these days 🙂

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