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Utu (1983)

New Zealand 104m, Colour
Director: Geoff Murphy; Cast: Anzac Wallace, Bruno Lawrence, Kelly Johnson, Wi Kuki Kaa, Tim Elliot, Merata Mita, Tania Bristowe, Martyn Sanderson, Ilona Rodgers

utu_1983Set in the 1870s, Utu is the story of Te Wheke, a Māori warrior and former Captain in the British Army, who seeks vengeance (or utu) upon British colonial soldiers who destroyed his village. Loosely based on 19th century conflicts between the Māori and European settlers, Utu consists of a series of ferocious and bloody skirmishes that ignited discussions about New Zealand’s colonial history and social justice. Beautifully filmed, Utu has a surprising dark humorous side that borders on madness (Klaus Ming August 2016).


One comment on “Utu (1983)

  1. nicolaskrizan

    Cruel and bitter stuff. Probably »necessary« in a way.


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