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Bringin’ It Home: My Choice for the Final 1001 Movie

chimesblu1Since reading Steve’s 1001Plus blog post on his final movie choice (he cleverly finished up his list with The Last Picture Show 1971), I’ve been wondering what my last film review would be. In my “101 films to go” update, I was resigned to the fact that I had let this decision go on far too long, and concluded that “with so few films to choose from, it seems rather pointless”.

However, not long after I wrote that piece, I noticed Chimes at Midnight (1965) in light of Criterion’s upcoming Blu-Ray release. Despite being a Welles fan, and having tried watching this one a couple of times, I had put it off because of the poor quality of the download that I had in my possession. With my recent purchase of the new Blu-ray edition, I’m now eager to get this thing done!

In April I also suggested that I’d be finishing up the list sometime in October, which might otherwise have been possible, if it were not for the fact that the many of films that I have yet to watch are three-plus hours in length. So, more realistically, the 1001 list will see a completion date sometime in early December. ‘Till then, the final fifty are up next! (Klaus Ming September 2016).


10 comments on “Bringin’ It Home: My Choice for the Final 1001 Movie

  1. Anthony Lee Collins

    I could go on and on about this movie, but I’ll wait until you’ve seen it. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading your review.

    Also, surely not your “last film review.” You mean the last from the list. Not last-last.


    • Klaus

      I’m really looking forward to seeing this as well! I plan on doing a 1000 word “review” for this last one – as i suspect it will be worth it..

      …and yes, my last review from the 1001 list. I do plan to continue 🙂

  2. SJHoneywell

    Ah, the home stretch. For me, it actually became hard to focus over the last few months–a cinematic version of senioritis.

    Nose to grindstone; you’re closing in!

    • Klaus

      Thanks! I have a couple multi part 6+ hour miniseries to complete – which may well put me into a similar state!

  3. Thomas Sørensen

    Almost there… almost…
    Thankfully there are plenty movies beynd the list.

    • Klaus

      Exactly! I’m quite looking forward to the freedom of watching more of what I want to.

  4. nicolaskrizan

    To infinity and beyond – go for it!

    • Klaus

      The plan is a movie per night – though there are a couple of long ones left that will take all day to watch. Household duties may have to wait for a bit. Good thing I have understanding wife 🙂

  5. Chris, a librarian

    I ordered the new release of Chimes for our library. I’m looking forward to it. I think my last movie will be Napoleon…I’m looking for the new release of that one. Congrats…ill see you on the other side eventually.

    • Klaus

      Interesting choice. That’s one I’d also like to add to my collection. I watched Napoleon in early 2009 and have some fond memories of it – despite the five hour + run time. Good luck with your final push to the end!

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