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Short Cuts (1993)

US 188m, Colour
Director: Robert Altman; Cast: Andie MacDowell, Bruce Davison, Julianne Moore, Matthew Modine, Anne Archer, Fred Ward, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Chris Penn, Lili Taylor, Robert Downey, Jr., Madeleine Stowe, Tim Robbins, Lily Tomlin, Tom Waits, Frances McDormand, Peter Gallagher, Annie Ross, Lori Singer, Jack Lemmon, Lyle Lovett, Buck Henry, Huey Lewis

short-cutsShort Cuts is an adaptation of nine short stories and a poem by Raymond Carver which are interwoven into an astonishing three-hour film about life, love, infidelity, and death. Though grand in scale, the individual stories are intimate in nature and continually advance their interconnections. In view of the huge ensemble cast, and the complexities of the numerous plot lines, it is a testament to the screenwriting, direction and editing that Short Cuts is so surprisingly easy to follow (Klaus Ming September 2016).


4 comments on “Short Cuts (1993)

  1. patty wells

    I saw this movie when it came out and I still think scenes from it quite often.

    • Klaus

      There is so much happening in this film, and some pretty arresting scenes. also some pretty witty dialogue. Jack lemon’s monologue to his son about his affair with his wife’s sister stands out for me.

  2. Anthony Lee Collins

    I should see this again, but I always resist seeing it again, because my initial reaction to it was so negative. Other than Lily Tomlin and Tom Waits, who I really liked, I couldn’t stand any of the characters. I know I should see it again, Robert Altman being my all-time favorite movie director and all, but I really don’t want to.

    One thing I do remember is that it seemed that the story with the cello player and her mother the jazz singer was wrong, a false note. I don’t know anything about Carver, but I had a strong feeling that those characters were not created by the same writer who thought up all the others, and that turned out to be true (they were added for the movie).

    Anyway, I know, I should see it again…

    • Klaus

      I think i enjoyed this a whole lot more the second time through. And while I didn’t mind the jazz singer character and her role in the club, I did find the cello playing daughter story a bit one dimensional.

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