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India Song (1975)

France 115m, Colour
Director: Marguerite Duras; Cast: Delphine Seyrig, Michael Lonsdale, Mathieu Carrière, Claude Mann, Vernon Dobtcheff, Didier Flamand

india_songIndia Song is a challenging film that contains voiced over dialogue that is almost completely disconnected from the acting and the musical score. On the surface, it is the story of Anne-Marie Stretter, a promiscuous wife of a French ambassador who lives in a dreamlike state, oblivious to anything but seeking pleasure through her many scandalous dalliances. Anne-Marie’s utter lack of interaction with India can be viewed as a symbol of the disconnectedness been colonizers and the Indian people and as an indictment of colonialism. Mirrored as a reflection of Anne-Marie’s life, India Song is superficially glamorous, and whether intentionally, or otherwise, a stunningly tedious affair (Klaus Ming September 2016).


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