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Yeelen (1987)

Mali/Burkina Faso/France/West Germany 105m, Colour
Director: SouleymaneCissé; Cast: Issiaka Kane, AouaSangare, NiamantoSanogo, BallaMoussa, Rouma Boll, SoumbaTraore, IsmailaSarr, YoussoufTeninCissé, KokeSangare

yeelen-1987Yeelen is a folk tale about the son of an evil sorcerer who learns to use his own powers while on a quest to deliver an amulet to his uncle. Hunted by his father, the son overcomes a series of obstacles which strengthens his own magic before he is eventually challenged by his father. This reenactment of is full of strange events which undoubtedly fascinated generations of listeners. Interesting from a traditional anthropological perspective, Yeleen is a uniquely African story free of Colonial influence (Klaus Ming September 2016).


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