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A Brighter Summer Day (1991)

Taiwan 237m, Colour
Director: Edward Yang; Cast: Chang Chen, Lisa Yang, Chang Kuo-Chu, Elaine Jin, Wong Chizan, Lawrence Ko, Tan Zhigang, Lin Hung-ming

a-brighter-summer-dayA Brighter Summer Day is a long, violent and complex coming of age drama set in Taiwan during the early 1960s amidst an influx of Chinese immigrants and a period of strong Western cultural influence. The story is centered on Xiao Si’r, a troubled teenager whose involvement in street gangs sends him on a downward spiral of delinquency. The film’s shocking conclusion, which is based on a real life incident known as “The Homicide Incident of the Boy on Guling Street”, is a highly disturbing senseless act that should have been reached in ninety minutes or less (Klaus Ming September 2016).


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