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Yol (1982)

Turkey 124m, Colour
Directors: Yılmaz Güney, Şerif Gören; Cast: Anita P. Ness, Halil Ergün, Şerif Sezer, Meral Orhonsay

yol_1982Yol is a disturbing drama about life in Turkey seen through the experiences of five men who are given a week leave from their penitentiary during a period of religious celebration. Each of their stories is plagued by rules, social and religious conventions. Most prominently their relationships with women is the most disturbing feature of this film. In one of these scenarios, we are expected to elicit sympathy for a husband who decided not to beat his wife to death for her transgressions, only to see him purposely let her freeze to death. Though the brutal misogynistic elements of the country are laid bare, the film was banned in Turkey, apparently not for its content, but because of Güney’s communist political agenda (Klaus Ming October 2016).


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